Angie's Attic

Monday, September 29, 2014

Took up the hook again.

I can crochet again.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is slow going but at least I can do it again.

So be on the lookout for new patterns and designs coming.


Dragonflymomof2 said...

YAY, so glad to see you back, and if you need testers for new patterns, keep me in mind, I would love to test for you. I need to start doing your patterns again on your blog, so I can get pictures for you too.

Carole :) said...

I am SO happy for you, Angie! I've been pretty much in the same boat as you over the past couple of yrs ~ I was diagnosed with RA (rheum. arthritis). Made it next to impossible to accomplish much crocheting (reason I wasn't doing much on the computer), but this year has been a year of Blessing! :) A good doctor and his helping me to manage the pain and mobility issues ~ yay! So my heart goes out to you. (( hugs ))