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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mystery to be solved today!!!!!

Today is the birthday of Edward Stratemeyer.
He is the author of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I mean this as he is the one to originally create the characters back in the 1800's.
The books we know now a days were written by other authors.

You can find new stories of these today and some of the old ones are floating around.

I remember reading all of them when I was in school. They are great.

So today we will be solving some mysteries of our own, creating some mystery htc's using the materials that are in our mystery box(I add different things for each thing we are studying plus the regular things like scissors, glue, markers, pencils, etc), having a mystery lunch(ingredients found in our picnic basket), creating a mystery crochet project(basket with yarns, needles, scissors, and a pattern with no name and no picture so you won't know what it it until you are finished.)

Yesterday at Big Lots I found a computer game on Nancy Drew and we will be playing it.

Hope all is going well with all of yall.


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