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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slippers I

Worsted Weight Yarn- varigated and matching solid color
H hook

Make 2-
With varigated
Chain 31
Row 1 - Single crochet 2 chain from hook and in each chain across. Turn. Chain 1. 30 sc

Row 2 thru 36 - SC in back loops only across. Turn. Chain 1. 30 sc

Fold in half and sew a seam through the first row and the last row.

Attach matching solid color
Row 1 single crochet evening around opening. Turn. Chain 1. 72 sc
Row 2 single crochet each stitch around. Turn chain 1. 72 sc
Row 3 *single crochet chain 1 skip next stitch single crochet in next stitch. Repeat * around and join to top of chain 1.

Weave ends in.

With varigated or another matching color
Chain 105

Weave through each hole of row 3.

Knot ends and trim.

Tie bow at the back of the slipper.

I designed these slippers with my Mom in mind. Her feet swell and unswell from her diabetes and the tie can be tightened or loosened to fit.


AngieB said...

You can also wear these with the bow in the front.

Nina O'Brien said...

what cute slippers and what a lovely blog - Thank you for visiting me at neencrochet, are you on Ravelry? if not you should sign up - my user name there is neencrochet

AngieB said...

Thank you so much.
On Ravelry my id is AngieB271.

countrygirl said...

Thank you for posting this pattern. I plan to try it for my aunt who has diabettes.